Tuesday, September 23, 2014



By Request, some Hawkeye edits. I just capped a couple of images from ‘Cowboy’. The bottom image is from ‘Chief Surgeon Who’. I’ll make more soon, but I don’t have much time tonight. :) 

The top two can be used at icons, if anyone wants them. 

Thank you so much :) He’s so beautiful <3

It’s like when he came home from his first semester in college,
stepping off the bus with a bag in his hand
– except this time the bag is a green duffel,
and his hair is shorter
with a few strands of gray,
and his cheeks are more hollow,
and his is skin is paler.
He’s aged, his father thinks.

His heavy eyes light up when he sees home. The laughs lines
at the sides of his eyes stand out like flowers in a barren field,
having grown clearly not from joy and life, but from drops of salty water.
He’s skinnier, too. His waist and hips are narrow, like a straw,
like when he was a wiry fourteen year old boy.
He envelops his father in a hug, and his grip is tight but cold.

When he pulls back, his eyes are red with tears. He grins
and squeezes his father’s shoulders under his palms.
“It’s great to see you again, Dad.”
“I missed you.”
“I missed you, too.”
“Are you hungry? What do you say we go to Johnson’s by the dock? We ought to celebrate this.” 
“No thanks, Dad. I just wanna go home and sleep.”

He sleeps for twenty four hours straight, waking only twice
to have a drink of water and a visit to the room he in his drowsy,
half-asleep state calls the latrine.
When he finally wakes for real and starts making breakfast,
his father puts on the radio.
When Whippoorwills call, and evening is nigh, I hurry to my blue heaven.
He turns away from the pancake he’s frying,
sporting a five o’clock shadow along a jawline
that sticks out more than it did before.

“Would you turn that off?”
“Why? It’s a good song.”
His eyelids are heavy as he gives his father a long look and turns back to the stove.
“Just talk instead.”
“What about?”
There’s a pause. There’s such a long time during which he doesn’t say
anything, his father begins to think he’s not going to answer.
“Tell me about mom”,
he says finally, his back still turned. “Everything you remember.”
“I’m not sure that’s the best thing for you to h-”

“Trust me, Dad.
It’ll be less painful.”

Hawkeye cosplay coming to London ComicCon

I will be cosplaying Hawkeye at London ComicCon in October. (Unless of course my wig decides not to arrive on time. Let’s pray it gets here fast.)

Anyway, so any M*A*S*H fan who wants to meet up at the con (or outside if you don’t have a ticket), feel free to message me. I’ll gladly give you my kik so we can stay in touch and find each other. I’ll be in London for a week after the con as well. 

It would be AWESOME to meet some M*A*S*H fans. I would die. I would scream at you and hug you, probably. you could get hugged by hawkeye pierce how are you not jumping on this opportunity

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"I will not carry a gun, Frank. When I got into this war I had a very clear understanding with the Pentagon: no guns."

(Source: the-4077th)

do you ever just