Sunday, April 1, 2012

International Troll Day…

…is here! And I figure, since we’re¬†Mashrooms, we all try to do a little something, don’t we?

I went on my mom’s laptop, changed her desktop background to an ostrich, changed her Internet start page to like six tabs of ostriches and “Bad Wolf” tags. I saved two pictures of ostriches, tagged “bad wolf” in her picture folder, and I changed her facebook profile picture and banner to pictures of ostriches. I renamed her “Ostrich Ostrichia Ostrichman (Ostrich)” and made a post saying “Ostriches are really fascinating animals” (to which people replied).

She woke me up at 4AM to have me change it back.

But she still hasn’t found the shoehorns. They’re in the fridge. In a plastic mug. In water. Which probably has turned into ice by now.

What’ve you done to troll people today?