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The worst thing about trying to find or write M*A*S*H fics is that while most plots are promising, almost no one can write dialogue equal to that of the actual show

When you have amore, there is no Korea Ignazio DeSimone a.k.a the overly romantic quick-to-attach Italian who fell in love with Margaret
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avengers au where literally everything is the same except hawkeye is replaced with hawkeye pierce with no explanation whatsoever


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Hawkeye loves interior design. He picks out furniture, curtains and carpets for his house with great care. He spends hours looking through furniture magazines and walking through shops staring intensely at different items and forces his friends to come with him so he can discuss color shades with them. He tries to decorate The Swamp but quickly realizes that it’s impossible to make it look good, so he gives up and puts stuff everywhere and doesn’t clean or dust or even darn his socks, but he does one thing: he puts on cheesy, colorful clothes whenever he can, even when he shouldn’t, to show that ain’t nobody killin’ the fabulousness of Hawkeye Pierce. yes this is my headcanon